The mine plant

SIt develops on nine different levels, four of which can be visited. Here you can see different kinds of tunnels: exploited veins, service tunnels, slopes, walkways, tunnels and empty spaces used for the sterile material search.
You can see the little reserve which is the place where the explosives were stored and the charges prepared;
at the lower level you can admire the “Camerone” and there, thanks to the special acoustics of its high vaults, concerts and other musical events are held. You can see different tools used during the mine work: trolleys, drills and the lightening of the acetylene lamps whose suggestive light accompanies the visitors until the exit. The mine rock walls are snow-white and reflect the artificial light illuminating in this way the entire environment all around. Furthermore, unlike other mines with narrow shafts, the Bagnada mine has very large tunnels and so even claustrophobic visitors can go into without any problem.
The mine is equipped with special audio-visual effects that make it be the highest emotional part of the Museum.